Monday, December 15, 2008

Become a Group Travel Organizer
and You Could Travel Free
and Make Money
by Susan Farmer

Jessica gazed out at the incredible beauty at Lake Powell. There was something spiritual about the place they had just been to, Rainbow Bridge.
The Native Americans considered the area sacred, and Jessica could see why. She looked around at her companions wondering if they felt it
too. By the wonder on their faces she thought they must feel the power and grace of Rainbow Bridge. As their group boarded their luxurious 55 foot houseboat, Jessica smiled to herself. Finally, someplace she had always wanted to see and now she had. And it hadn't cost her a dime.
She was still learning, but this trip she considered a success. She was a Group Travel Organizer. If you like this idea,here are some ideas to get you started, too.

First, think of a destination you would like to explore. Here are some ideas.

The Grand Canyon
Lake Powell
National Parks
San Juan Islands
Puerto Rico

You get the idea.

Here are some other ideas for trips you may want to organize:

Spa Trips
Train Trips
Theme Parks
River Cruises
Regular Cruises
Dude Ranches
Educational Trips
Theme Cruises
Luxury Tent Camping Trips
House Boating Trips
Fishing Trips
Barge Cruises (popular in Europe)

Other theme based trips might include the following:

Adventure Trips
Christian Trips
Single Parents
Rodeo Lovers
Western Lovers
Horse Lovers

Well you get the idea. The lists and ideas can be almost endless. Ok, so now you have the idea and location and theme. So what to do next?
Well, next decide how many days you would like the trip to be. Also decide on a price per person. Don't forget to factor in your expenses for
the trip and some profit. Decide on the time of year you would like the trip to be. If money is to be a factor, of course off season traveling
can save a bundle. Next decide on the number of activities you want included (such as swimming with the dolphins). Ok, you've decide
on the trip. Now whats next? Now you can start concentrating on promotion.

Put ads in your newspaper. Print an itinerary and include your departure date. Use your community bulletin boards and hand out flyers about the trip
(make sure you print the itinerary on the flyer). See if you can leave your flyers in restaurants, hair salons and other businesses. You should give yourself plenty of time for promotion (say six months). When people contact you try to get early commitments and perhaps give a discount for early bookings.

Always make sure you have enough insurance for such a business. Consult your insurance agent. This is something you should not skimp on. Just because you are the organizer, your client might think you are responsible if he/she breaks a leg, etc.

Warm wishes,

Susan Farmer
Dream Come True Broker
Even If It's Just For A Day

Jake sat on his horse, catching his breath. Just this morning he had finally roped his first calf. The roundup was exciting. Breathing in
sweet, fresh, mountain air was wonderful too. A far reach from the everyday city life he had just left. He breathed in and savored the
outback smells of horses, cattle, sweat, and the great outdoors. His bottom was getting sore too. but he hadn't felt this free in many months,
maybe even a couple of years. He couldn't wait to see the sunset this evening and have a good old fashioned barbecue with his new friends.
It would be a perfect way to end an already perfect day.

Christina and Matt drove up to the appointed place. They got out of a sleek Lincoln Town Car. They could hear a fresh mountain stream
in the distance. As they rounded a bend in the trail, what they saw took their breath away. A beautiful picnic lunch awaited them. There
was a beautiful table with beautiful linens. As they looked around they realized they would have a fantastic, panoramic view of the
incredible gold country mountains. It was the perfect spot. And their day couldn't have been more romantic.

Kathy had one dream. During the day she worked as a Paralegal and she was doing ok. But here as she gazed down at Lake Tahoe from
her 17th story she felt all giddy with excitement. Tonight she would have the chance to see if people would laugh at her jokes. This morning she had worked with a professional writer to see what he thought, helped her tweak her lines here and there. There would be a full house and she would be one of the comedians. A dream come true! If only for one night. She would see how it goes. Maybe this would be the first day of a great new adventure, a new chapter in her life. Or maybe she would discover that being a Paralegal was alright after all.

Well all these stories have one thing in common. Someone actually arranged all of these experiences and charged a fee for doing so.
Interested? Well some people call this idea being a fantasy broker or even a Concierge. Well if you are some things to keep in mind are a job like this needs to have someone, you or at least an assistant to be very detail oriented. Getting the details right can be very important.

This may not be the best business to start in a bad economy because people are cutting back so drastically. But a couple of things to keep in mind are that people that have good jobs are usually very busy. And a day of having a dream come true might just be worth it's weight in gold to them.
In a robust economy, definitely go for it!

Also romance is a pretty good bet. People who are working are very busy and would likely be willing to pay someone to arrange a beautiful, romantic day or evening with their significant other.

High end clients probably don't care about the economy so much and may also be great clients.

Another thing to think about, is that if people knew such a service was in their area, they might even start saving just for that.

One definite precaution is to make sure you have enough insurance. You don't want to get sued because someone broke a leg on their great adventure!

Here are a couple of ad ideas:

One day dream broker. Make your dream come true! Even if it is just for one day,
Call 785-xxxx

Want to experience a great adventure on your day off? Whats your dream? I can help make it happen! 785-xxxx

What is your dream come true? Maybe I can help 785-xxxx

What is your dream come true. I can help make it happen! call 785-xxxx

Want a beautiful romantic night with your significant other? Call me. I can make it happen! 785-xxxx

Want a fun day at so and so resort? Everything arranged, even transportation, so you don't have to even drive! Call 785-xxxx

Well, good luck with your dream come true business!

Warm regards,

Susan Farmer
Starting a Rehab Center for Dogs with Disabilities
by Susan Farmer

When Kim's co-worker found a Pit Bull yelping in pain outside her new Orleans Spa, she knew she had to try and heal him. Poor thing she thought. He had been through a lot, including Hurricane Katrina. In time, Dag, as he was affectionately called showed a sweet heart beneath his tough exterior. But one day Dag just collapsed. Kim quickly took him to the vet, and discovered that Dag had three ruptured discs in his back. So the vet
recommended surgery. But even after surgery, Dag's back legs still didn't work.

Kim's mind drifted back over her past, searching for an answer. Then it struck her!
In the past, before she started her spa, she had worked in a rehabilitation center.
Why not the same for dogs?

Excited, Kim asked Karen Graci, a veterinary acupuncturist to work on Dag.
Incredibly, after two short sessions he was on his feet. But Dag still couldn't walk.

Kim didn't give up, thinking, well there's more we can try. So next came massage
and water therapy. They placed Dag on a submerged, under water treadmill. Soon
Dag began taking steps! Next Kim had Dag fitted with a rolling cart. All of a sudden Dag was mobile and could go anywhere! And it seemed others also knew dogs with disabilities who needed help. Kim knew what to do. She would start a canine rehabilitation center! There would be exercise mats, cozy beds, a hydrotherapy pool, gourmet treats, daycare for pups who needed round the clock care, a submerged treadmill
acupuncture, and massage.

So first Kim went back to school. She took classes in canine (dog) physical therapy and pain management and earned her Animal Rehabilitation Certificate at the University of Tennessee.

To help her Kim enlisted the services of trainers, dog massage therapists, and dog acupuncturists.

She called her new business Dag's House, after her beloved pit bull terrier.

To promote her business, Kim placed brochures in Vet offices and waited.
Sure enough, the disabled dogs began arriving. There were dogs who had
hip surgery, dogs in wheelchairs, dogs unable to walk because of a stoke or other

Today, Dag's House has helped dozens of dogs and their owners.

Go here to visit Dag's House

Warm Regards,

Susan Farmer

If you are interested in this line of work and want more information on how to become a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist or Assistant then please go here to learn more:

or here
Caretaking and Housesitting
By Susan Farmer

Caretaking and Housesitting are two jobs that can be very rewarding. Owners of homes both here in the Unites States and Internationally often do not want to leave their homes unattended. So that makes the possibilities for house sitters and caretakers just about endless. This is not the job for people who have large families. If you are single or a couple without children, this could be a time of great adventure. If you just want local jobs, then that is fine too.

Well, you might ask, how do I go about finding jobs for housesitting in my area? First you will need to advertise. One of the most effective ways is to put advertisements on your town's local bulletin boards, such as at your local grocery stores.

After you have your first assignment and you do well, ask for a letter of recommendation. That way you won't have to always be calling them up asking them to vouch for you as a reference. Now the key to this business is references and establishing a reputation for honesty and integrity. Once you do this there will be no end to jobs because the demand for good people to help out and watch over property is great.

Now if you want to travel, you can find assignments all over the world.
The best source for finding caretaking jobs around the world is
The Caretaker Gazette. The Gazette has been publishing since 1983 and
has gained a worldwide following. Listed in the Gazette are jobs at
mansions, farms, retreat centers, vacation homes, ranches, lodges,
estates, private islands and other types of properties

Here is the link for the Caretaker Gazette:

Also see their latest blog. It takes you on a great adventure of one young lady who found a position in Alaska. She takes care of nine Siberian Huskies. Read about her adventures

Another site that may be of interest to you is Caretaker-jobs. Here is the link
for this site:

The caretaker-jobs site writes, "Caretaking brings unique rewards. Eg: Living a simple rural life; enjoying an independent lifestyle; managing your own time; living rent-free; experience a lifestyle change away from the rat race. We also cater for estate managers, ranch hands, game wardens and gamekeepers, couples, horse industry workers, and related positions.
Opportunities for caretaking are available around the world. They include: nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, horse stables, hostels, boarding kennels, lodges, bed & breakfast accommodations, resorts, plantations, historic homes, schools, and others. In other words, any live-in jobs (that provide accommodation"
If you like to travel, then this could be a great opportunity for you. See the world and get paid! Yes, for housesitting and caretaking you usually get to live rent free and
also get paid.

Hope this article was helpful.

Warm Wishes,

Susan Farmer